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Those Who Bare Good Fruit

Updated: May 23, 2022

With so many erroneous teachers in the world, I thought I would list a few that I have listened to several teachings of and have found little fault in them. Everyone should always prayerfully use wisdom and discernment, always testing the spirits to see if they are from God or not.

Also keep in mind that we are all human, and have all looked at scripture several times and got a better understanding each time we came back to it. It's the willingness to correct such mistakes that should be looked at in these instances. This is why I say to always listen to people objectively. Do not become so enlightened or attached to someone that you cannot walk away if they fail to bare fruit.

You will find that most of them differ on their view of the rapture but they all hold good biblical based doctrine.

  1. Voddie Baucham: His teachings can be found online. He speaks the non-sugar coated truth. He is not for those who seek to have their ears tickled.

  2. Ray Comfort: His online videos teaches a Christ-like, loving way to approach the sinner without condemnation. He no longer leads people in the "sinner's prayer" because it is not found anywhere in scripture. He is correct on this. He can be found on the YOU-TUBE channel "Living Waters".

  3. David Carrico & Jon Pounders of Now You See TV: They dig deep and teach in detail about secret societies, Biblical archaeology, false teachings, and other scholarly information that you'd probably pay 100s for in a college class. They are not here to tickle your ears and you may get offended. Watch them on YOU-TUBE at "NYSTV" & "The Midnight Ride". Also the channel "Cutting Edge", where you can see another John speak about similar things including biblical history and world events, etc. Sometimes he is on with his wife. You can also check out

  4. David Wood: He is a controversial teacher of the lies that people are told about the Quran to lure in believers. He also corrects the false statements that Muslim teachers make about Christianity and the Bible. You can find him on YOU-TUBE at "Acts17Apologetics", but trust me, you will get no apologies from him.

  5. YOU-TUBE channel "Little Light Studios" is a group of men and ladies who speak about the ways we are lured away from the gospel through our eyes and ears. They give commentary about movies and music and show the way that Hollywood insults both your intelligence and the Christian faith.

  6. Lex Meyer: He does short videos about the lies we grew up hearing from the pulpit that is no where found in scripture. His YOU-TUBE channel is "UnLearn the lies".

  7. For the ladies, there is Brenda Weltner: She teaches on apocalyptic events based on the prophecies of the Bible, focusing mainly on John's accounts from Revelation. Her YOU-TUBE channel is "Brenda Weltner".

  8. Another one for the ladies is Melissa Dougherty: She does some humorous clips but she also talks about false teachers and false teachings. Her channel also bares her name "Melissa Dougherty".

  9. "Minister Barton Aaron Porter", he teaches on a little bit of everything from apologetics, biblical history, modern gangs, to archaeology. His channel is "Minister Barton Aaron Porter".

  10. For the ladies who love to journal, you can do so with "Scribbling Grace" on YOU-TUBE.

  11. Other YOU-TUBE channels, "Truthunedited", AoC Network"(there is a facebook page by this name and it is not his. But the YOU-TUBE channel is), "Church Militant", "The Controversy7", "Mike Winger", "The Skit Guys", "Joel Richardson"(SCHOLAR), "Dr. Michael S Heiser"(SCHOLAR), & "The Victory Channel".

On the go? Apps

  1. SkywatchTV : My favorite is "Unraveling Revelation" with Sharon & Derek Gilbert.

I hope these help. If you have any suggestions, please contact us via Facebook or by email at

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