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My Dream: America Will Fall

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

This dream happened a few years ago in March 2015. I want to start by saying that we should view all dreams with caution, as should this one. I am not asserting that this dream is prophetic, I AM NOT a prophet, I am only sharing because I have never had a dream such as this before but these are the events of the dream that happened.

In this dream, my then teenagers, were but grade schoolers again. I had with me, my son and my daughter, and my sister's eldest daughter, who is nine months younger than my son. We had exited off a plane and through a busy airport. There were tall skyscrapers as far as my eye could see, but the streets were suddenly empty. I had a "knowing" that we were in New York City but no one else was around. There was dead silence. The alleys were empty, the stores were empty, it was like a ghost town; but I was not concerned. I was where I was supposed to be.

We had been walking a bit and I had a "knowing" that there was something that I needed to find. I thought this task would be easier if I did not have the kiddos tagging along with me, so when we came to a city bench bus stop, we paused, and I told them to "wait here".

I knew I had to find something important but I did not know what it was, though the whole time I felt a strong spiritual presence behind me. I never once even thought to look back and see who it was or if I could see a someone, but I had a "knowing" that it was God. I kept talking to God, asking him where IT was, for I did not even have the slightest clue of what I was searching for. I only knew that I had to find something and I had a strong urge to continue looking. I looked down clean swept alleys, and through empty spaces of store front windows. My eyes peered up and down the city streets, as I kept asking, "where is it God? Where is it?"

The normal me in reality, would have become so angry and frustrated as I continually searched for something that I did not have the smallest idea of what it was, or where I should look. Yet, I remained very calm. It was as if I could not get upset. I remember thinking how I wish that I could have this peace all the time and never get so much as frustrated about anything. This peace radiated through me and around me. I could not get angry, if I had wanted to.

I had passed by the children several times, they remained seated and laughing amongst themselves; paying no mind to me. Not questioning when we would leave or wondering why we were there. I finally came upon a large cork board that was on a three sided post, erected on the edge of the city sidewalk. At first glance, this board was littered with missing people fliers. I passed it up but was curious about the people and wanted to look again, but when I did, it was empty. I had a knowing that these people were casualties of war. Something bad had happened and many were dead, though I did not exactly know what it was that had happened. I continued searching.

I finally came upon a couple of stacks of canvases that were approximately 11x13 in size. They all appeared to have been painted by children. I started looking through them, as I continued asking God where IT was. One by one, "where is it God? Where is it?" I finally came to a perfect colorful painting of an American flag. YES!! Finally, I found it; but I knew I had only found half of IT. So I continued flipping through the other stack of canvases, "where is it God?" Again, I found another perfect painting of the American flag, but this one was in black and white.

As I stood there staring at both pieces, I knew what it meant. I knew the answer I had been searching for and I did not like it, and neither was I willing to accept it. I had not questioned any unexplained knowledge I had until that moment. I thought to myself, maybe this time I am wrong. I wanted to be wrong. So I said out loud several times, "God, you are going to have to explain this to me because I don't get it. I do not understand this God, what are you saying?" There was no audible voice but rather like a gust of wind shooting through me, with the heartache and mourning of what I so desperately did not want to be true; with these words, I fell to my knees weeping, "AMERICA WILL FALL." I started crying, "NO! NO! NO!" Then I woke up with my face drenched in tears.

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